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Industrial Curtain Walls are a highly versatile and economical way to solve a wide range of facility issues. Made from lightweight PVC material, industrial curtains can perform the same as permanent walls at a fraction of the cost.

Cranston Material Handling of Pittsburgh can provide you with industrial curtain partitions sized for your specific application. Great for containing environments – in or out – they are a fantastic option for areas that require separation from the surrounding area.

Types of Industrial Curtain Walls

Warehouse Dividers

As a budget-friendly alternative to permanent walls, industrial curtain walls are easy to install, open and close easily, and can be removed and stored when not in use.  Warehouse dividers can be used to divide work spaces, ensure privacy, or save on heating and cooling by reducing the square footage of temperature-controlled space.

Work Cell Partition Curtains

Work cell curtains divide work zones for many uses, such as isolating individuals, separating job types, or containing dust/paint/spray.

Smoke & Odor Containment Curtains

Keep smoke and odor in the work zone where it’s created in order to ventilate properly.  Prevent smoke and odor from reaching other work zones or leaking into the warehouse or manufacturing facility.

High Temperature Curtains

High temperature curtains are used for specialty applications because the material they are manufactured from allows for extreme heat tolerance and is fire-retardant.   Used for welding, plastic molding, steam processes, sealing, and other high heat applications.

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Benefits of Industrial Curtain Walls

  • Prevents Dust

  • Customizable

  • Block Light

  • Privacy

  • Provide Good Insulation

  • Fire Resistant

  • Noise Reduction

  • Enhance Temperature Control

  • Clean Workspace

  • Inexpensive

  • Meet NESHAP Compliance

  • Minimize Air Flow

  • Increase Productivity

  • Temperature Controlled

  • Easy to Install

Applications of Industrial Curtain Walls

  • Cleanroom Partitions

  • Custom Curtains and Enclosures

  • Dust Containment Curtains

  • Fume Curtains

  • Hazmat Curtains

  • Outdoor Curtains

  • Room Dividers

  • High Ceiling Divider Panels

  • Machine Curtains

  • Work Area Dividers

  • Sand Blasting Curtains

  • Visual Barrier Curtains

  • Spray Containment Booths

  • Temperature Barriers

  • Temporary Walls

Industrial Curtain Wall FAQs

What are industrial curtain walls?

Industrial curtain walls are retractable and adjustable barriers, dividers, or partitions that offer an alternative to permanent walls. Often made from heavy-duty industrial vinyl or PVC, they are used for a variety of purposes such as dust containment, temperature control and welding.

Are industrial curtain walls customizable?

Our made-to-order industrial curtain walls and dividers are available is a variety of different colors and materials such as vinyl, poly and nylon. Cranston industrial curtain walls are resistant to fire, water, oil, mildew and most acids.

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