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Repairing Damaged Pallet Rack Uprights

The Client

In business since 1942, Curbell Plastics, Inc. (Curbell) is one of America’s premier suppliers of plastic sheets, rods, tubes, films, tapes, adhesives, sealants, and prototyping materials. Headquartered in Orchard Park, New York, with locations across the U.S., Curbell offers custom fabrication, exceptional service, and next-day delivery of high-quality plastics nationwide.

Curbell takes its role as a leader in the plastics industry very seriously. Committed to doing the right thing for their customers, the environment and their employees – many of whom have been with them for decades.

When a safety issue occurred in their Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania location, they wanted an effective resolution and contacted Cranston Material Handling Equipment Corp. (Cranston) of Pittsburgh for a solution.

Curbell before

The Challenge

A forklift driver inadvertently damaged one of the rack uprights within their warehouse. The bent twisted post jeopardized the integrity of the rack and they wisely wanted to repair the damage. Curbell did not want to disassemble, replace, and reassemble due to the effect it would have on their operations, not to mention the cost of purchasing a new upright and the expense of shipping it to their location.

To resolve this situation, Cranston needed to fix the safety issue and improve the rack’s damage resistance, while causing as little disruption to Curbell’s operations as possible.

The Solution

Cranston used a heavy-duty tubular post splice kit that is designed specifically to repair damaged rack uprights. The price of a replacement splice post with shipping was substantially less compared to shipping in a brand new upright. The time and disruption to operations resulting from the repair was minimal – certainly it was far more convenient for the customer than it would have been had the rack been partially disassembled in order to replace the upright.

In addition to the repair, Cranston added bull-nosed post protectors to each upright. The bull-nose design protects the posts by working to deflect pallets or forklift forks when they accidentally hit the rack uprights. This helps minimize the likelihood of damage from a forklift or any other equipment in the future.

Curbell after

The Result

With very little downtime needed to install post protectors and fix the rack uprights, the rack is now less likely to be damaged, safety in the warehouse is improved, and Curbell is very pleased with Cranston’s work.

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