Steel Mezzanine: A Space Saver!

Cranston Material Handling Equipment Corporation is proud to partner with MiTek to design and properly install mezzanines for our customers.

This type of successful collaboration is demonstrated by a client who had a business limiting, space issue:

Mezz3Terry Steiner, Jr., Vice President and Owner of Braden & McSweeney, a commercial supplier of toilet partitions and bathroom accessories in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, carries a large inventory of products. Unfortunately, Braden & McSweeney had run out of space in their warehouse. Products were being stored in their warehouse, quite literally, using close to every square foot of available space. This issue cost the business both time and money. Mezz1

Mr. Steiner contacted Cranston, and their Senior Account Mgr., Greg Engelmeyer, to solve this problem. Greg designed, and Cranston’s installation team installed, a mezzanine that fit like a glove into the available space by creating a 2nd level for additional product storage. The new 26’10” x 25’ 6” mezzanine, with a deck 8’ 8” above the floor, has provided Mr. Steiner additional floor space in the warehouse which has allowed him to organize inventory in an efficient way.

Mr. Steiner was pleased to report, “I’ve never had a project go this smoothly! It was virtually seamless! Cranston Material Handling did a fantastic job from start to finish, even discovering my building walls were out of square, and making allowances with the mezzanine design to account for that. I’ve been wanting to do this for the last five years. If I’d known it was going to be this easy, I’d have done it a long time ago! I did get several bids, but I’m so glad I decided to give the job to Cranston!”

Mezz2The mezzanine Cranston provided was a great solution to what Steiner knew was a problem that had waited too long to be resolved. Steel Mezzanines create a cost-effective solution and when properly designed and installed can create additional safe work or storage areas in most any facility.

Cranston has had a 25-year working relationship with MiTek, a worldwide manufacturer of mezzanines. They focus on working with their distributors and the end user’s personnel to solve the problem of too little existing floor space in their operations. Using its engineering capabilities, world-class software, and state of the art production facilities, MiTek works to provide a solution to overcome the customer’s lack of space in a way that meets each user’s specific needs and space requirements.

A Steel Mezzanine can significantly affect a business’s day-to-day operations in a very positive way. Steel Mezzanines offer advantages over stick construction when it comes to creating space within a warehouse, or any other facility. They are an affordable solution when compared to a building expansion, leasing more space, and/or the logistics required to integrate off-site leased space into your operation’s workflow.Mezz4

A mezzanine is designed to work within your current floor plan to create the efficient overall workflow your business is looking to achieve. Mezzanine safety is exceptionally important. All mezzanines are manufactured according to AISC steel standards; every MiTek mezzanine receives a PE stamp prior to manufacturing to assure that all applicable national and local codes have been taken into consideration in the design process.

Cranston Material Handling of Pittsburgh has decades of experience needed to provide you with the most effective and efficient material handling and storage solutions for your business. Contact us today to learn more about Steel Mezzanines and the solution they could offer your business!