What is a warehouse mezzanine?


A warehouse mezzanine is an elevated floor that is installed in the unused open-air space between your concrete floor and the ceiling of the warehouse. A warehouse mezzanine is free-standing, which means it does not connect to or is not supported by your building. They can be easily enlarged or dismantled and moved when changes in your operation happen. Read more

Steel Mezzanine: A Space Saver!

Cranston Material Handling Equipment Corporation is proud to partner with MiTek to design and properly install mezzanines for our customers.

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Using Grabs and Lifters to Move Bulky Items

Using Grabs & Lifters to Move Bulky Item

When picking up and moving items at your plant, especially heavier larger bulky items, it is crucial to use below-the-hook tooling to allow your employees to move the items safely. By using a grab or lifter, employees can very easily and safely move bulkier items. Read more

Choosing Industrial Shelving for Your Warehouse

Widespan Record Storage Shelving

If you are looking for a way to modify your warehouse storage, adding industrial shelving may be an excellent option for your storage application. This type of shelving is a popular storage option in warehousing operations and provides a variety of benefits to your operations. Read more

Why Companies Are Installing Driver Cages and How to Design One

In any distributing or warehousing environment, it is crucial to prevent accidents and injuries, keep valuable inventory secure, and protect equipment. With busy operations, it can be challenging to monitor delivery drivers, visitors, and service providers that are coming in and out of your building.  Read more

Why Have Flue Space Between Your Pallet Racks?

Flue Space Illustrated

Flue space is a small but essential part of fire safety for your warehousing operations. Flue space is defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as clear vertical lines of sight in the rack storage areas that go from the floor up to the ceiling.


The flue space on a pallet rack will not prevent a fire, but in the event of a fire, it will send heat and smoke upward to help keep the fire from spreading throughout the building. Read more

Using a Drive-In Rack System

Drive-in Rack

A drive-in rack system is ideal for warehouses where the pallet sizes are standardized, and large quantities of the same product SKUs are stored. When these two factors exist, you can create a very cost-effective high-density storage system. This type of rack system can be designed to fit into your existing warehouse space due to the flexibility of being able to store pallets two to ten pallets deep in each lane of drive-in rack. The pallets are accessed with a forklift entering and exiting one side of the racking system. Therefore, the back side of a drive-in rack is often placed against a wall. Read more

How Pallet Flow Rack Can Improve Your Warehouse

As a business unit manager, you know how important it is to always be looking for ways to improve productivity. Improvements are often made through training or utilizing technology, but this is not the only way to increase your efficiency. By investing in pallet flow rack, you will find there are a number of benefits that will help create operational improvements.

Benefits of Pallet Flow Rack on Your Operations

Maximize Your Storage Space

Flow-Thru Pallet RackHow do you squeeze more product into an already full warehouse? For those operations that have lots of pallets of the same SKUs pallet flow racks may be the answer. The design of flow racks provides the highest density for pallet storage possible. This is accomplished by eliminating most of the aisleways found in typical warehouses. In many instances a 50% or more increase in the number of pallets stored can be achieved.

Increase Labor Savings

Businesses are always looking for labor savings in today’s tight job market. While traditional selective and drive-in racking require more labor to locate, load, and unload materials, pallet flow racks allow you to reduce the time it takes to store and retrieve pallets. The high-density design of flow racks storage allows for more product storage in a smaller footprint. This reduces the distance forklifts have to travel to load and unload pallets in the racking system.

The way flow racks are loaded from one side and unloaded from the opposite side helps minimize forklift congestion. With less traffic, trips to and from the racks can be completed in a timelier manner.

Improve Your Warehouse Efficiency

Flow-Thru Pallet Rack InstallationTraditional racking systems are not the most efficient way to store large quantities of pallets with the same SKUs, particularly if they have time-sensitive expiration dates.

Flow racks utilize first-in /first-out (FIFO). FIFO works effectively with the pallet flow racks by allowing forklifts to load the new products on the in-take side of the rack while taking the older products from the other side. This help to ensure proper product rotation, moving the oldest products out before the newer products can be accessed.

Improved Safety 


Pallet flow rack can reduce the chance of injury significantly. In a busy warehouse, it can be dangerous for fulfillment employees when forklift drivers are delivering products to the racks using the same aisles as the pickers who are filling orders. When pallet flow rack is integrated into a picking rack system this danger can be greatly reduced. Forklifts are designated for use on certain aisles while fulfillment occurs in aisles on the other side of the racks.

Professional Pallet Rack Installation Services

At Cranston Material Handling, we provide a variety of pallet rack options that we can customize to suit the needs of your business. With decades of experience in designing and building rack systems for our clients, you can expect us to deliver an effective and efficient storage system for your operations.

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Why You Should Make an Investment in a Rack Supported Mezzanine for Your Business

Why You Should Make an Investment in a Rack Supported Mezzanine for Your Business

Is your current building running out of space? Do you need to expand your pallet storage but don’t want to give up more floor space or move to a new facility? Then consider adding a rack supported mezzanine to create more storage. Read more

A Guide to Selective Pallet Racks

A Guide to Selective Pallet Racks

If you have been considering adding selective pallet racks to your business, it is essential to understand how this type of racking can benefit your operations and the things you should consider to allow your warehouse to function as safely and efficiently as possible. Read more