Widespan Record Storage Shelving

Choosing Industrial Shelving for Your Warehouse

If you are looking for a way to modify your warehouse storage, adding industrial shelving may be an excellent option for your storage application. This type of shelving is a popular storage option in warehousing operations and provides a variety of benefits to your operations.

Benefits of Adding Industrial Shelving to Your Space

Rivet ShelvingIndustrial shelving can be used to store smaller quantities of items that do not require the dimensional size of the pallet racks like bins or cartons that don’t require pallet storage. Industrial shelving also offers versatility by having the ability to handle a variety of product weights. Some shelving only supports a few hundred pounds while other types of industrial shelving can support up to one ton per shelf, depending on your needs. Other benefits include:

  • Lower initial cost than other storage options.
  • Compact shelving units help you best utilize your storage space.
  • It can be built as high-rise shelving (similar to configurations that are associated with pallet racks).

Industrial Shelving Options for Your Storage Application

There are a variety of industrial shelving options, including:

Steel shelving

Steel ShelvingSteel shelving is a durable option and works well in high-traffic areas of your operation. The material this type of shelving is composed can handle the impacts and accidents well. Steel shelving can hold large cartons and can also be customized to accommodate drawers, bins, or dividers for smaller items. Steel shelving is often installed using bolts and clips for easy installation.

Wide-space shelving/Rivet shelving

These are two sturdy options for operations that need an alternative to pallet racks. These types of shelving provide you with storage for medium to medium-heavy loads, both holding loads between 1,500 and 2,000lbs due to their heavier construction.

Backroom shelving

Widespan Record Storage ShelvingAlthough this type of shelving is commonly used in retail operations, it also has a variety of uses in an industrial setting. Backroom shelves can be identified by their three main components. These include x-bracing, uprights, and shelves. These parts snap together for easy assembly and come in open and closed configurations. This type of shelving also features fully adjustable shelves.

Industrial shelving provides a variety of uses and benefits to your daily operations. Contact Cranston Material Handling Equipment today to learn more about how we can help you utilize your space with our high-quality selection of industrial shelving.